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In order to maintain good health, it’s important to consider various factors like good diet, regular exercise, work and life balance, high self esteem, management of stress, healthy relationships and much more. It is important to work towards achieving and maintaining a good health. The following are the basic guidelines with which you can maintain a good health easily:

Stay hydrated always: you have to drink lots and lots of water in order to stay hydrated. We keep losing water from our bodies either in the form of sweat or urine and hence need to have water regularly. Everyone should consume a minimum of two and a half liters of water per day. 

Having more vegetables and fruits: When you go for a diet which is high in vegetables and fruits, you would be able to get the right number of vitamins and minerals required for your body. 

Never skip your meal: You should never skip any of your meals as they play their own parts. Our body and brain needs fuel to work in order to work efficiently so never miss any of the 3 major meals per day. If you skip your meals it would become lethargic. This will also reduce your metabolic rate and might prevent you from losing weight or you may gain weight easily. 

Prevent intake of processed and fatty foods: It’s always better to have fresh food. When you eat processed foods or the packed ones these contain several additives and preservatives so as to increase the shelf life of the products. These foods might also have higher levels of sugar and salts which might cause several diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc. 

Have good fats: Good fats are really important to balance the hormones, to maintain healthy hair and skin as well as your digestive system.